Prof. Adnan Salim Al Abed

Tel: 24141633

The Assistant Dean for Post Graduate and Research is in charge of:


  • Administering the post study programs offered by the College.


  • Organizing conferences and symposiums.


  • Coordinating the weekly College's seminars.


  • Administrating the College's research projects and grants.



Dr. ِِAbdullah Salim Al Hinai 



Assistant Dean for Students and Academic Affairs in charge of:


  • Providing students with guidance in regards to their academic issues.


  • Providing students and faculty with information related to the academic rules and policies.


  • Coordinating the College's programs and degree plans.

Dr. Ali Hussain Al Bulushi

Tel: 24141634


The Assistant Dean for Training and Educational Services is in charge of:


  • Training services.

  • Training and professional development for students and faculty.

  • Coordinating activities and services related to community service.

  • Contacting and following up the College's graduates.