Community Service

The office of Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service liaises with the Center of Community Service and Continuing Education and organizes numerous training courses in several areas utilizing the expertise of qualified academics from the college of Education. Within this collaboration between the office and the center, societal voluntarily initiatives are organized and implemented to materialize the college’s intent to support and build the voluntary capacity of candidates. Therefore, faculty members at the college conducted many training courses, workshops, programs, and services such as lectures, consultancies, field trips, research proposal validations, competitions, publications in refereed journals. The college has also established, through the office, collaborations with other academic institutions. 

Community Service Activities


Community Service Activity



The educational voluntary project “Create your library”

Fall 2013


Voluntary campaign and supplying instructional textbooks to school

Fall 2013


Art work production exhibition of student teaching candidates

Fall 2013


Art exhibition in the grand hall prepared by college Art candidates and some Art teachers from the Ministry

Fall 2013


Workshop about fine art for Art teachers

Fall 2013


Wall painting project in AlAman Center for sever handicapped

Fall 2013


Fourth National voluntary healthy joint gathering

Fall 2013


Completing the CS projects within the education voluntary educational initiative

Fall 2013


A dialogue “Disable but creative” by pre-school group

Fall 2013


Organizing the first international conference of early childhood

Spring 2014


Organizing teaching and learning Arabic language symposium

Spring 2014


Electronic campaign “Elegance of communication”

Spring 2014


Educational program for SQU staff

Spring 2014


Entertainment event in AlAman Center for sever handicapped

Spring 2014


Basees (Glimpse) educational program

Spring 2014


Sign language training course

Spring 2014


First pre-school group gathering

Spring 2014


Android Maintenance Workshop

Spring 2014


Participating in the training and career opportunities exhibition

Spring 2014


Training course in the basics of website design

Spring 2014


Seventh technology gathering

Spring 2014



One of the salient tasks that the office pays special attention to is the qualification and development of working force in the college, be it the academic faculty, administrative, or technical staff. It organizes training courses for them which, in turn, develops their personality skills, administrative skills, or work performance in order to keep pace with the trends in their line of work. As for academicians, the college is keen to develop their learning, teaching, and research skills according to the training needs of each one.


The office conducts these tasks by liaising with the Center of Staff Development either in terms of organizing internal training courses, or sending the faculty/staff member abroad to an external training course using the training budget allocated to the college. 

The office of Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service pays equal attention to scholarship for the college faculty and staff to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It receives scholarship applications from staff and faculty, reviews them, checks them for meeting scholarship requirements and conditions, and transfers the eligible ones to the Center of Staff Development. The scholarship responsibilities extend to follow up the faculty or staff member on scholarship from the time of their application’s approval until they complete their studies and resume their duties back at the college.