Tofola Group

It is a newly established group which mainly focuses on childhood. It dedicates its efforts to develop children’s lives, and concentrates on their future as they’re a crucial component of the society. It was established by a group of students from Early Childhood department in the College of Education. This group sheds light on the most important issues related to childhood. It shoulders the responsibility of educating the society about the importance of this phase in the individual’s life. As a matter of fact, this group is one of the very first groups that have given the stage of early childhood this great attention. It strives to present a noble massage to the society in order to develop our beloved country, Oman. 

  • Raises awareness within the society about the child’s world

  • Focuses on Omani children and the issues related to them

  • Encourages  the society members to correctly treat children and children who have special needs


  • Organizes educational events and activities related to children

  • Encourages team work

  • Holds workshops and courses about how to deal with children
  • The participant should be interested in childhood and the issues related to it.

  • The priority is for studying and the group activities are considered as supplementary activities that could be done in free time.

  • Members should have commitment to their morals and ethics

  • Cooperation is an important thing for the success of the group.

  • Members should show commitment to attending the workshops and the meetings done by the group.
  • Event: “I can, just give me a chance” on the 21st of March

  • Exhibition: “A child plays, nation lives”

  • Workshops about children’s rights

  • Celebrate the international day of children with special needs

  • The first meeting of the group: “Innocence is a running stream”

  • The second meeting of the group: “Kidzania Oman”