Education Society

This group consists of many different activities done by students and supported by the College of Education at SQU with the cooperation of the Cultural and Sports department at the Deanship of Student Affairs. Those activities serve Omani society both internally and externally. As a matter of fact, this group has gone through many developmental stages one of which was establishing five subgroups including: Psychology group, Sports & Society group, Educational Technology group, Tofola group, and Seraj group.

In the spring of 2013, an educational intention for volunteering was established by Education Group. This voluntary intention aims at activating the youth’s role in serving the society by voluntary work. The educational voluntary intention is going to continue its way to reach glorious goals as the work done by the members of Education Group for 2015/2016 is totally voluntary work.

  • Activate the role of the group’s members


  • Activate the students’ interaction with each other


  • Activate the collaboration between Private and Government sectors in order to prepare and organize events


  • Reach better interaction between the group and its subgroups

  • Serve the society internally and externally in all aspects
1. The participant should be interested in educational issues.

2. The priority is for studying and the group activities are considered as supplementary activities that could be done in free time.

3. Members should have commitment to their morals and ethics.

4. Cooperation is an important thing for the success of the group.

5. Members should show commitment to attending the workshops and the meetings done by the group.

  • Organized the first national conference for the early childhood

  • Organized a seminar about how to learn Arabic language under the rapid educational changes

  • Organized an event under the title: Color My Life With A Drawing  

  • Celebrated the graduation ceremony 

  • Celebrated the National Day

  • Celebrated the Teacher’s Day

  • Created the  Students'  Support Team 

  • Basses  program 

  • Organized Programs for students’ development (workshops & courses)

Basses voluntary project: 

Basses is a voluntary project organized by College of Education Society at Sultan Qaboos University. It aims at serving the Omani workers at the university who did not get the chance to learn different types of sciences that they need from reading, writing, mathematics and computer skills. It was applied for 40 cleaning workers of Qalhat Company in summer2014  during 3 weeks. The program is supported by Oman Oil Company (OOC). For more information please visit
 Color My Life With A Drawing  
 National Day celebration in College of Education - 18 November 2014 

Students’ Support team Activities 


Student improvement program 

 “Hieroglyph” debate competition