Psychology Group

Psychology group is one of the groups belonging to Education Group in College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University. It was established in 2002 by the virtuous professor / Khawla Al Maamari, a professor at Department of Psychology. The idea of ​​creating this group came out of a noble principle which is to serve the students community at the university and the outside community through the activities carried out by the group voluntarily. This  group seeks to make psychology a tangible reality.

  • To serve the community in first class. The role of the group is not only on campus, but also it has arrived the outside community through the various events that are held by the group outside the university.

  • To develop the skill of teamwork on the  members through communicating with the outside community and its issues, and working to solve the psychological and social problems facing the community and students.

  • To fully communicate with the various categories of the students community        (people with special needs, autistic, and others). This is so clear through the regular visits undertaken by the Group.
  • The participant should be interested in psychology.

  • The priority is for studying and the group activities are considered as supplementary activities that could be done in free time.

  • Members should have commitment to their morals and ethics

  • Cooperation is an important thing for the success of the group.

  • Members should show commitment to attending the workshops and the meetings done by the group.
  • The group organizes International Forums. An example for these forums is (Gulf Youth Forum), which was the first forum in the gulf countries under this name. Gulf Youth Forum was adopted in order to be done each two years in one of the gulf countries.

  • The group annually celebrates the national events of the Sultanate.

  • The group annually does the Psychological Forum on campus and it includes a representation of the psychological problems experienced by the student, the community and the work, and they try to resolve these problems. Also, there are activities associated with this event which are  the open day, seminars,  lecture, the exhibition and closing event.

  • The group celebrates the World and the Arab Children's Day.

  • The group does many of periodic visits to various centers and associations that take care of the disabled.

  •  The group organizes various courses in psychology and human development, which aim to provide the participants with an informed background in the these field, and provide them with the interpersonal skills.

  • Annually, the group celebrates the World and the Gulf  Day of the disabled (inside and outside the university). Also, it celebrates the Day of autism by holding exhibitions, seminars and symposiums.
World and the Gulf  Day of the disabled  
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 Psychological Forum