Seraj Group

It is a students’ group which is part of Islamic department in the College of Education.

Group Vision

Raising the religious awareness within the society by using modern methods

  • Raises the religious awareness of the society members using modern methods

  • Emphasizes the role of Islamic department

  • Enriches the minds of students in Islamic department
  • The participant should be interested in the Islamic culture.

  • The priority is for studying and the group activities are considered as supplementary activities that could be done in free time.

  • Members should have commitment to their morals and ethics.

  • Cooperation is an important thing for the success of the group.

  •  Members should show commitment to attending the workshops and the meetings done by the group.
  • Symposium: The teaching career from Islamic perspective

  • Event: A eulogy for Mubark Saif Al-Hashmi (May Allah bless him and his soul)

  • Exhibition: Presents the Islamic sciences in very interesting and modern ways