Sports and Society Group

It is one of the effective groups in the Education Group in Sultan Qaboos University. Sports and Society Group seeks to take care of the sports in the university in particular and in the society in general. The ultimate goal of this group is to spread a typical idea of the importance of sports through the events that are done for all people in the society.

  • To acquire hard working skills and skills of serving the society.

  • To enhance the needed values and trends in the society.

  • To invest the free time in doing sports activities that are beneficial and enjoyable.

  • To serve the ones who are interested in sports.
  • The participant should be interested in sports and serving the society.

  • The priority is for studying and the group activities are considered as supplementary activities that could be done in free time.

  • Members should have commitment to their morals and ethics.

  • Cooperation is an important thing for the success of the group.

  • Members should show commitment to attending the workshops and the meetings done by the group.