Scholars Affairs Objectives
    • Following up scholars' academic progress in coordination with the cultural attaches’ offices or directly with the educational institutions.
    • Preparing up-dated statistics and data of scholars.
    • Preparing quarterly and annual reports of all scholars.
    • Following up scholars' access to financial, tickets and other compensations according to regulatory decisions in cooperation with concerned authorities.
    • Preparing and following up all procedures needed for scholars according to SQU bylaw, in coordination with the concerned authorities in SQU.
    • Prepare the agenda of Scholarship and Training Committee.
    • Communicating verbally and in writing the decision made by the Scholarship and Training Committee to concern Deanship/Directors.
    • Reviewing requests for an extension of the period of study, change of specialization or change of the country of study and other requests by scholars to be presented to the Scholarship and Training Committee in order to obtain a final decision.