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Customer Services Department seeks to facilitate administrative procedures, provide services for customers, provide communication Channels with various university`s units and provide a positive image of the mechanism that simplify administrative procedures, as well as provide high quality services and work to resolve the problems and dilemmas of the customers and follow-up them. The department aims to develop clear frameworks and criteria for the services provider and beneficiaries, in order to improve the services and provide a positive image about the provided services to the customers.



The Contact Center System in higher education:
The higher education institutions is one of the significant government organization where communicate with the different communities, therefore gradually the technology enhancement for empowering the eGovernment. Today the Contact Center System is a major technology solution which applied at several universities. It has multi communication channels to meet the customer needs and satisfaction at the university i.e students, employees, parents, visitors and others. It is considered as a mechanism to measure the universities efficiency and productivity.


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