Vision:     Excellence in interaction with guardians.
Mission: Building a distinguished partnership between SQU and parents to support their children's progress in university life.
• Creating an effective and continuous communication channel with parents to serve the students.
• Work to strengthen the role of parents in the university community to support success of their children.
• Building mechanisms to inform parents of the services and facilities provided to students by SQU and also informing them about the rules and regulations of SQU.
• Organizing a periodic meetings with parents to give a free productive lectures and workshops.
• Encouraging parents to participate in SQU events and activities.
• Creating and updating online services to have faster and effective communication with parents.
• Introducing services and facilities to the parents which offered by SQU to students to encourage their children to benefit from it.
• Sending a congratulation messages to the parents of students who are recently enrolled at SQU and who have a distinguished academic performance and graduated students through social media channels and SMS.
• Receive suggestions and complaints from parents and review them to find an adequate solutions in cooperation with the concerned departments.
• Producing awareness videos for parents in coordination with the concerned departments.
• To coordinate between parents and concerned departments to address students' issues and problems and find the right solution for it. 
• To discuss the extent to which parents can benefit from the various facilities provided by SQU in coordination with the concerned departments.