Research Department

The Research Department is responsible of the financial and administrative management of the research projects funded by internal and external research grants including the strategic projects funded from His Majesty’s Trust Fund. 


Researcher Guide

TRC Guidelines


Funded Research Projects

Application Forms


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship department  is responsible of handling academic innovation, entrepreneurship through technology & knowledge transfer from academia to industry,intellectual property and commercialization of research output .

Intellectual Property Disclosure  

 Academic Innovation Assistance Program
 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Society


Electronic Systems

There are four electronic systems, the conference attendance system, the publication award system and the research facilities system. New systems for research will be added later.


Electronic systems  Description  Link 
   The Research management system allows the researcher to submit their proposals online instead of filling paper forms. It helps the related deparment to follow the approval process until the final approval Research Management System 
 The Research Facilities System (RFS) provides access to all research equipment in colleges and research centers Research Facilities System *
 The conference attendance system allows academic staff to electronically submit applications and obtain the necessary approvals for conference attendance. Conferences Attendance System
The journal publication Awards system allows Staff and Students to submit their application online and attach evidence to get the award. Journals Publication Awards System *

* Online system currently unavailable outside SQU Campus