Name of the Statue and Date of Implementation

These regulations are hereby called "Sultan Qaboos University Research Regulations".

Each of the following words and phrases shall have the meaning hereby assigned to them unless the context otherwise requires.

1. The University: Sultan Qaboos University

2. The Law: The University Law

3. The Executive Regulations: The Executive Regulations of the University Law

4. The Regulations: The Research Regulations at the University

5. Research: the academic activity that is based on established scientific principles and is conducted individually or collaboratively or both.

6. Vice-Chancellor: The University's Vice-Chancellor

7. Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies and Research

8. Dean: Dean of Research

9. Principal Investigator: Faculty or equivalent who represents the team participating in the research project and is supervising the team.

10. Co-investigator: Faculty or equivalent who works in a team of researchers on a particular research project.

11. The Centre: The University's Research Centre and Language Centre

12. The Research Council: The Research Council in the Sultanate

Abbreviations and Definitions

ADPSR -                Assistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research in a College.

Co-I -                      Co-investigator

Co-PI -                   Co-principal investigator

CS -                        Consultancy service

CRC -                     College Research Committee

Dean -                    Dean of a College/Research

Director -                Director of a Research Centre

DVCPSR -              Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research

EG -                         External grant

HoD -                      Head of a Department in a College

IG -                           Internal grant

IP -                           Intellectual property

JG -                         Joint grant

PI -                          Principal investigator

Project -                 An approved research proposal or consultancy request

PSR -                      Postgraduate Studies and Research

TRC -                      The Research Council

RCAC -                    Research Centre Administrative Committee

Sponsor  -                An organisation or individual from the private or public sector inside or outside the Sultanate of Oman, which provides financial support

                                   for   research or consultancy activities.

Sponsor-                 The representative of the sponsor, who coordinates with SQU

Focal Point -            the initiation and management of research or consultancy activities.

HMTF -                     His Majesty’s Trust Fund Grants