Procedure for Establishing a Research Group

Applications for establishing research groups are open all year and shall be submitted according to the following steps:

  • The coordinator of the research group shall initiate a request for the establishment of the group by completing the Research Group Registration form (F34), having it signed by all group members, and submitting it with supporting documents (after getting the necessary approvals shown in the form) to the Deanship of Research for the approval of the initial 5-year term.. 

  • The approval shall be obtained from the unit to which the research group coordinator belongs even if the members of the group are from different units. 

  • On the 31st of December every year, the group coordinator shall submit a research group report (F35) to the Deanship of Research through the relevant Head of Department, Assistant Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research and the Dean of the College or through the relevant Director of the unit summarizing the activities and achievements of the group. 

  • The coordinator of the group shall apply at least six months prior to the term expiry to renew the registration of the group for another 5 year-term by completing Research Group Registration form (F34) and following the same procedures outlined above