Terms and Conditions
  • SQU encourages the formation of research groups within and among disciplines that aim to activate scientific research in various fields of research which contribute to social, economic and scientific development, and provide appropriate support for their continuity.

  • Research groups shall serve as a nucleus for future research centres that shall receive recommendations in accordance with the rules and regulations. 

  • Research groups shall be under the supervision of the Deanship of Research. They can be hosted by the academic colleges or research centres who shall provide them with the required support and facilities in order to carry out their duties. 

  • Research groups work under the direction of a coordinator who shall be from SQU. The coordinator is a reputed full or associate professor with a well-established track record of quality and leadership in the group’s research field. The coordinator will be the grant contact with the Deanship of Research and has overall responsibility for coordinating all research and administrative activities of the research group. 

  • A research group shall consist of a minimum of three faculty members/researchers. 

  • The group members shall be holders of doctorates. They can be from any organization with minimum of two members from SQU. 

  •  A faculty member/researcher can be a member of different research groups. 

The research group members shall commit to:

  1. Seek excellence and carry out fundamental, applied and/or interdisciplinary research of a high quality in key cluster areas of relevance to SQU and of importance to Oman and emerging fields of knowledge, and engage in research with a potentially high international impact. 

  2. Build research capacity and provide high quality training and a conducive research environment for promising young faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students. 

  3. Provide a high quality research environment for the development and enhancement of graduate programs as well as the enhancement of undergraduate teaching at SQU. 

  4. Develop links and collaboration with renowned national and international research groups and attract leading researchers.