Word of the Dean:

Sultan Qaboos University stands by its academic heritage and scientific achievements, proud of its students who have strived and received the great honor to join it to learn from the great minds of its professors and the abundance of its scientific and research curricula. The advanced university education has become the greatest concern, the noble goal and the strategic choice for contemporary governments and societies seeking to achieve high prestige among nations. Oman was always strongly present in the preparation and the rehabilitation of the Omani people, which has been its main goal since the dawn of the seventies; where education took place under the shade of trees at the beginning of the Renaissance to the time the Sultan Qaboos University was established, which is one of the finest academic institutions in the Arab region. Since its establishment, this prestigious university has been preparing the future leaders of Oman in all fields and providing scientific and research consultations to governmental and private institutions.

One of the aims of this pioneering university is to raise the level of students, to refine their talents, to enrich their creativity and to highlight their academic, cultural and athletic achievements.

The four or five years that students spend in university studies are the most beautiful years of their life, because they represent a big leap to their future and professional life, and enable them to see life in all its dimensions. It gives true view of what society and the outside world around them is like.

The wide campus, where students from all over the Sultanate meet, provides a rare opportunity to establish friendly and intimate friendships between students which often last for a lifetime.

The Deanship of Student Affairs is keen to harness all its material and moral resources to serve the students enrolled in its collages, through a clear strategy and a scientific approach that is integrated and synchronized with the academic plans applied in the university.

The cultural and literary seasons held throughout the academic year, as well as the workshops carried out by the students and their supervisors, the cultural and research competitions and sports activities are the most important events that take place in the university campus. Moreover, members of the student groups form the backbone of the extracurricular activities that are held in the halls of the university especially the various numbers of exhibitions executed by these groups. They also actively participate in national volunteering campaigns to serve the Omani society in coordination with the concerned authorities.

University studies are not limited to lectures; they extend to providing students with scientific and intellectual experiences, multiple types of physical sports, and good behavioral habits.

Therefore, the university invites all students to participate actively in the various programs, and the various student groups that are sponsored and supervised by the Deanship.

In conclusion, we should remind you, our students, of the great responsibilities entrusted to you as students of the University; Oman is waiting for you to return the favor and we ask you to give back to this precious country and His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos, the founder of this great scientific institution and the pioneer of educational renaissance in the Sultanate.