Welcome to the portal of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Community Service.

As we are all aware, the growth of a nation, making all other things equal, depends on the kind and quality of the workforce involved in the different areas and industries of the economy.  Given the responsibility to produce qualified graduates that meet labour market needs, we provide academic and technical knowledge and skills to students in the teaching and learning process which are necessary for them to pursue a successful personal life and professional career.

The University has nine Colleges offering more than 60 undergraduate programmes. An environment for effective teaching and learning is created through the support given by the following:  Main Library and College Libraries, Language Center, Student Counselling Center, Center for Educational Technology, Center for Career Guidance, Independent Learning Center, and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, in collaboration with the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Nursing and other health institutions, provides teaching, research and compassionate, ethical, and accessible general and specialized tertiary care to the community.

Our academic programmes are regularly reviewed to maintain international standards and restructured to ensure that they are in line with the needs of the society through evaluation by teams of international experts and accreditation with international and reputable awarding bodies.

Students are actively involved in the learning process, and activities are geared towards problem solving, creativity and innovation.  It is our aim to give more emphasis on developing analytical and critical thinking and professional skills in our undergraduate students.  Multidisciplinary programmes are also available in an effort to diversify the options offered to students.  In the near future, we will be giving students with a high level of achievement the opportunity to continue their studies within a specialized set of courses.

The University, through its Center for Community Service and Continuing Education, contribute to the development of the community by disseminating general and specialized knowledge, and providing services and trained manpower.

Thank you for visiting our portal.  Join us in our journey to develop human resources equipped with skills, knowledge and attitudes for success in the workplace, in the society and in personal life.



Prof. Amer Ali Al Rawas

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Community Services





     Prof. Amer Ali Al-Rawas

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Community Service