Ethics, Responsibilities And Sustainabilities

Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (ERS)
As a reflection of its principal educational mission, CEPS actively promotes ethical awareness through student learning activities, course content across the whole of its curriculum, research, and through its local and national development support efforts. ERS is an essential part of CEPS curriculum content and teaching approaches for all of the academic programmes including MBA and MSc (IS).

CEPS Strategy on ERS
Recently, CEPS has adapted a strategy for ethics, responsibility and sustainability which is described as follows: 
Ethics and Responsibility: Advance “Akhlaq Maswuwlia ” (Arabic for) “Ethics and Responsibility” as the guiding principle and lifelong commitment for student professional and personal development. 
Sustainability: Advance “Almustadama” (Arabic for) “Sustainability” as the principle perspective and framework in guiding student professional and personal decision-making and leadership activities. 

ERS in Mission, Vision and Values
The above strategy is taken in order to fulfill the college mission, vision and values. The college mission clearly states that it offer student learning and faculty contributions that advance educational excellence, external collaborations, responsible and innovative practice, and relevant research. Two values of the college are directly addressing ethics and responsibility. i.e. “Responsible Leadership” and “Ethics in Action’. In February 2017, the college has developed its strategic plan 2017-2020, in which one of the goal is the advancement of national priorities and international recognition benchmarks related to economic and social development and sustainability.
Students: To provide learning and professional experiences that prepare and enrich students for meaningful careers through the acquisition of critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and creative-solutions based management actions that also broaden their world perspective and encourage their development as responsible leaders.