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Dr. Ghazi Al-Rawas
Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service
College of Engineering

Ext: 2574



An essential component of the College’s mission is to provide students with quality engineering education. This education is not only limited to conventional class and lab delivery modes. Students must be exposed to the actual engineering practice via industrial training. This industrial training is compulsory for every student graduating from the College. Through industrial training students are able to correlate what they have learnt at the University with what is being practiced in industry. The trainees are usually involved in a range of activities during training. These activities include design, analysis, manufacturing, testing, regulatory affairs, etc.


The College is keen to maintain links with its Alumni, has mutual cooperation with them, and keep them aware of the educational, research and social activities within the College. Moreover, the College of Engineering, by its nature, always has close ties and continuous interaction with the Industries of Oman and beyond.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the organizations and individuals that have supported us by providing quality training for our students as well as provide regular feedback on our programs and activities. These inputs had a great role in shaping our training programs towards excellence and maintaining the dynamicity of our curriculum and its delivery.







All engineering students are required to take Industrial Training Programs to complete the degree requirement. The training is offered during summer after the students complete their fourth year of study. The training looks for a period of 8 weeks in either private companies or government ministries related to their specialization. The students are supervised by the training organization and have to submit a report at the end of the training period to his/her department. At present, it is a non-credit course and is graded as “PASS” or “NOT PASS.” The Industrial Training Program is coordinated by the Industrial Liaison Office under the supervision of Assistant Dean for Industrial Training and Community Services.

In addition, students have to complete a 3-week in-house training during their third year of study between the Fall and Spring Semesters. Depending on the department’s requirement, this training varies from Field Surveying to Electrical Workshop to Mechanical Workshop, etc.

Some useful forms related to Industrial Training can be downloaded (PDF only):


For Supervisors:


For Students:

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The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is a global organization promoting intercultural exchange between students. It provides students’ with opportunities to train abroad, and employers with highly skilled, highly motivated trainees for projects.



IAESTE Oman is one of the 80 members of the global IAESTE family, established in 2001 with a vision of connecting companies, universities and students in Oman to foster cross-border collaboration in R&D and increase the mobility of engineers. With commitment, dedication and hard work, IAESTE Oman has achieved an impressive growth rate in the number of exchange students catered annually. As a result, an escalating interest has been observed in local and international companies based in Oman to serve as active participants fueling the growth of youth in the technical sector.

Since its establishment, IAESTE Oman has been operating under complete sponsorship of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). SQU has helped IAESTE Oman to be an active member of the IAESTE International through providing the students of the College of Engineering with best opportunities for industrial training abroad. Having a competitive higher education level and excellent facilities, Omani students are highly skilled and capable of competing at the international level, thus exhibiting Oman on the global platform.
IAESTE Oman envisions connecting companies, universities and students in Oman to foster cross-border collaboration in R&D and increase the mobility of engineers.
IAESTE Oman is encouraging students to strive to present Oman, with its rapidly growing industry, as one of the top ranking destinations for an international standard technical training, place with vibrant and rich cultural experience.


IAESTE Oman aims to strengthen existing relations with countries, which have participated previously and to build ties with numerous other countries, thus encouraging higher number of exchanges in coming years.



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Welcome to the College of Engineering Alumni page, where your relationship with us continues long after your graduation, with the latest news, events and opportunities to stay connected to The College. The Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service (ADTCS) Office aims to maintain bounds with all graduates by:

  1. Inviting them to participate in all activities and conferences organized by the College.

  2. Arranging discussion panels to get industrial feedback from its alumni.

  3. Preparing publications with information related to graduates’ social and professional activities.

  4. Allowing them to borrow books from the main library (after registration in SQU Alumni Gate).



Engineering Alumni Day

The College regularly arranges “Engineering Alumni Day” to foster close relationship between the College and its Alumni. Alumni from the all cohorts re-energized their lifelong connection with Sultan Qaboos University as well as reconnected with old friends and colleagues. Representatives from a number of leading private companies usually participate in this event and offer their supports to the college.


Alumni Day 2017 Alumni Day 2019
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The office of Assistant Dean for Industrial Training and Community Services (ADTCS) fosters community building within the College and with the communities of Oman. ADTCS maintains the spirit of public service at Sultan Qaboos University by offering opportunities to participate in community services work, providing work-study placements in the community, and supporting student-sponsored social action initiatives.



The main goals of Community Services can be summarized as:

  1. To strengthen the College’s relation with the community through organizing activities and events, which support the college in performing its educational and research goals, and in order to serve and develop our community.

  2. To extend all forms of knowledge and scientific awareness to different community sectors and classes, through holding training courses and programs.

  3. Prepare and follow up on the progress of research studies in different areas of knowledge, relevant to the Omani society in particular and global community, in general.