Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance of Engineering Programs


Since the inception of engineering programs at College of Engineering in 1986, the college has opted for maintaining quality for offered programs and its delivery by benchmarking with international programs. After the graduation of first batch, the college has started to invite ‘External Examiners’ for every program offered by the college. These external examiners’ were very carefully selected with right balance of educational and research experience. This yearly critical review has helped the college to maintain its standard through the first decade. In the year 2000, the college has decided to attain international accreditation, which has started the process of accreditation by ABET as stated below. 


Accreditation Process at College of Engineering

In Fall semester 2000, the University and College had decided to proceed with ABET accreditation for all of their engineering programs. Since then all engineering programs offered by the college has twice successfully gone through accreditation process. Four engineering programs namely Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, attained substantial equivalency in 2006. The other four programs namely Architectural Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering, got full accreditation in 2008. All eight programs have received full accreditation in 2014, which is an acknowledgement of sustained quality efforts by the College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University. The college and departments have dedicated ongoing committees to work on continuous evolution of curriculum and its delivery in response to recent advances and local and regional community needs. The continuous improvement process in place within departments and college is of significant help in maintaining the dynamicity of engineering education at the college.


Although, the College is making good progress towards achieving its objectives, but still a lot has yet to be done. The eminent big challenge is to become the leader in providing engineering education in GCC. It requires greater commitment from the faculty members, technical staffs, departments, and college and university administration. Without a comprehensive and collective effort, we cannot achieve our goals. It will be appropriate to say that, “It is the commitment of university and college administration and dedicated work of faculty members and technical staff which will matter at the end”.


Institutional and Program Accreditation by OAAA

Currently, the college is doing its part in attaining the institutional accreditation by Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA), a governmental organization to ensure quality of higher education in the sultanate.