MCE Program

The College of Engineering started implementing the Mechatronics Engineering (MCE) program with the 2002 students’ intake. The MCE program is jointly run by the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) departments. The MCE program is of five years duration including English language. The proposed program has components in humanities and social sciences, management, and the core requirements for MCE program. The program was designed in line with the College of Engineering mission of continuous strive for excellence and to fulfill the needs of human resources for the country's industrialization process in the coming decades in an increasingly competitive world. Recent moves by the petroleum industry in the areas of smart wells, automation, intelligent measurement and monitoring systems necessitate the need for such kind of engineering discipline. In addition, the newly emerging industries in the Sultanate are bound to have Mechatronics based systems since its inception. The goal of the program in Mechatronics Engineering is to integrate mechanical, electrical and computer engineering into a meaningful program so as to produce engineers that are conversant with all of the relevant technologies needed by the present and future industries of Oman.