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Student-based societies provide students with opportunities to learn, promote 21st century skills, and offer a platform sharing of experiences and knowledge to develop academically, socially, and professionally. Ultimate goal of the societies are to promote research, industrial collaboration, and innovation in Oman, and assist in preparing individuals to become contributing members of the community and the world. The societies organize and host events such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops. The program encourages the students to join such organizations and to participate in related events.


Mechatronics Engineering Society, MTES

The Mechatronics Engineering Society (MTES) was first established in summer 2005 by the first cohort of Mechatronics students, with the help of the academic staff. Nowadays, the society focuses on how to improve the skills of the students in the fields of robotics and automation. Moreover, the society gives the opportunity for creative students to introduce their ideas which include organizing new workshop, projects implementation, and organizing scientific competitions. Another goal of the society is to engage motivated Mechatronics students in different projects. This type of activity-based learning is considered to be the most crucial part of engineer education. Finally, the society organizes many events every year in order to nurture self-improvement for all society member sand Mechatronics students.

Recent Activities of MTES



GCC Robotics

November 2014

International Conference of Mechatronics and its Applications

December 2014

Scientific Trip

December 2014

Young Explorer

November 2014

Vex Workshop

December 2014

Augmented Reality Workshop

November 2014

Out of the Circuit - Open Day

December 2014


 GCC National Robotics Competition-Oman, 2015.


  The society participated with five projects in the poster competition that was part of the International Conference of Mechatronics and its Applications (ICMA-10), Sharjah, UAE, 2015.



The society won the 1st and 2nd place awards in the poster competition, ICMA-10. The 1st place was "Abu Humaid" and the 2nd

was "The Crawler robot", 2015.



The society organized a scientific trip to the Hydraulic Systems Center (HSC) for


Mechatronics students, 2015.


  The society participated in "Young Explorer" event at SQU, 2015.


  The society organized a workshop on VEX robotics, 2015.


  The society welcomed the new engineers at SQU in the induction meeting for cohort 2015 and introduced the annual events and  the projects of  Mechatronics students, 2015.


 Information Technology Authority conducted a workshop on "augmented reality"


for Mechatronics students, 2015.




The Mechatronics society and the IEEE students' branch organized "Out of the Circuit" open day which included "Sumo" robot competition, 2015.


A first of its kind, the society opened the first blog dedicated for the latest mechatronics news, 2015.


Chaired by the Head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Staff-Student Liaison Committee is responsible for selecting a designated number of student members in accordance with University regulations, scheduling meetings with them, and informing the Mechatronics Program Steering Committee about any problems faced by the students. At least two meetings are scheduled per year, and all meetings are minuted. The feedback received from the students is passed on to both ECE and MIE departments for suitable action, which is part of the continuous quality improvement process. The current members are listed below: 



Faculty members

Dr. Nasser Hosseinzadeh

Dr. Nabeel Al-Rawahi


Dr. Faïçal Mnif

Dr. Riadh Zaier


Student Names

ID Number



Muaadh Al Madhani




Shatha Al Azr




Khalid Al Rashdi




Juhina Al Rajhi




Waleed Al Mawali




Hind Al-Rashdi




Omar Mohammed Hamed Al-Zakwani




Abdulrahman Nasser Ahmed Al-Julandani