Director of Administration


The College Administrator shall assume the following responsibilities:
  • Coordination and follow up with the units and departments in the university concerned with administrative and financial aspects, according to the directions of the Dean.
  • Follow up of the employees’ vacations, preparation of annual leave tables, pay for over-time work in coordination with the various departments and units, and ensuring feeding of information in the computer following known procedures after getting approval from the Dean.
  • Supervising procurements and ensuring compliance with the financial and administrative procedures and rules in this respect and forwarding reports about them to the Dean.
  • Follow up of the financial aspects, in coordination with the Financial Affairs department, such as activities in budget account in the College, keeping the petty cash and all financial aspects regarding conferences, in coordination with Internal Auditing Department.
  • Ensuring the compliance with financial and administrative procedures in accordance with rules and legislations and giving advice to the Dean in this respect and circulating any financial and administrative instructions.
  • Keeping records and employees files and proposing methods for development of records system concerned with financial and administrative affairs to the Dean.
  • Participation in College Council meetings and the administrative committees.
  • Follow up of performance of the employees under his directory, preparing reports about their performance, follow up of their work, and proposing plans for training and qualification, to the Dean.
  • Supervision of stocks and consumables in the College.
    Follow up of University possessions in the College and reporting about them to the Dean.
  • Follow up of the financial and administrative transactions concerning employees in the College in the different departments in the University.
  • Submission of semester and periodic reports on all financial and administrative aspects to the Dean.
  • Any other responsibilities assigned to him by the Dean