Engineering Strategic Plan

In fulfillment of the national 2040 vision for education, “To develop human resources possessing necessary work and life skills to be productive in a knowledge-based world, able to adapt to changes, preserve national identity and its inherent values, and contribute to the advancement of human civilization”, Sultan Qaboos University developed a long-term strategic plan that extends from 2016 to 2040.

The vision for the university in this plan was formulated as follows:

SQU’s vision is to continue its national leading role in higher education and community service and also to be internationally recognised for innovative research, the quality of its graduates, and strategic partnerships.


Taking into consideration the university’s mission, “To excel in teaching and learning, research and innovation, and community service by promoting the principles of scientific analysis and creative thinking in a collegial and stimulating environment and to participate in the production, development and dissemination of knowledge and interact with national and international communities”, five domains, namely undergraduate teaching and learning; postgraduate teaching and learning; research; creativity and innovation; and community engagement and seven enablers: governance and management, human capital, financial capacity, international collaboration, student environment, infrastructure and support services, health and medical services were identified as critical for the attainment of the vision. Goals, strategies and initiatives were articulated for the various domains and enablers.

The realisation of the university’s vision will be through medium-term operational plans developed by all units of the university using the strategic goals, strategies and initiatives of this long-term plan.  The first operational plan 2016 – 2020 is to be followed by four five-year plans which coincide with the country’s medium-term development plans. In these operational plans, the various units will identify the actions to be executed within the medium-term plan by selecting domains and enablers in the long-term plan that are relevant to the unit. For each of those domains and enablers, applicable strategies and relevant initiatives are to be chosen. Appropriate actions for the initiatives will be determined and for each action the responsibility, timeframe, resources, performance measures and targets, associated risks and their management are to be specified. In line with this directive, the College of Engineering developed its first medium-term implementation plan to cover the period 2016 to 2020.




College of Engineering 2016_2020 Strategic-Plan