Industrial Advisory Board

The mission of the Advisory Board (IAB) of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department is to provide an independent experts' review and critique of the undergraduate and graduate programs, and other professional and academic activities related to the research, consultancy and short courses of the Department. The Board will accomplish this by carrying out the following functions:


  1. Review/modify the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) to ensure that they meet the ABET, EAC Engineering Criteria 2000 as well as the current industrial needs.
  2. Evaluate strengths, merits, and weaknesses of the current curriculum in the context of the Department mission and PEOs.
  3. Provide recommendations to the Department on all matters related to the curriculum to improve the relationship between academic and professional practices.
  4. Review student performance relative to the program outcomes from an industrial point of view and propose strategies for continuous improvement of the programs.
  5. Help in identifying opportunities for students’ involvement in research and capstone projects.
  6. Review Department activities and plans related to research, consultancy, and short courses and make recommendations.
  7. Help in identifying opportunities for faculty research and development.
  8. Help in soliciting funds for scholarships and endowments.
  9. Help in placing students for the work experience (Industrial Training) program.
  10. Provide assistance in the review of student work and the collection of assessment data.
  11. Enhance the visibility of the Department in the engineering community.


List of current Industrial Advisory Board members of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department:



Industry representatives



Mr. Khalid Suliman Al-Shabibi

Royal Air Force of Oman - HQ


Mr. Saif Al-Farsi



Mr. Dawood Al Farsi

Al-Sayag Engineering Consultancy (AEC)


Eng Salim Ali Al-Harthy

Oman Airport Management Company


Dr. Cristian Hedesiu

Mina Al Fahal Refinery


Mr. Khalid Al-Kindi

British Petroleum Company


Mr. Al-Hoqani

British Petroleum Company


Dr. Idris Hassan

Sultan Qaboos University


Dr. Nabeel Al Rawahi

Sultan Qaboos University, Chair


Prof. Tasneem Pervez

Sultan Qaboos University