The geological distinctiveness of the Oman Mountains has led to its acclaim as one of the best places to study geology. For the amateur geologist, the Oman Mountains offer a great opportunity to explore one of the best geological features of the world, in a place where the rocks are exposed, not hidden beneath soil or vegetation. The discovery of oil has led to intense geological research throughout Oman.  New maps have been drawn up and many researchers have been done and published.  Classic and textbook examples of rare geological features are found in abundance in Oman.

The centre will conduct basic and applied research in earth sciences in general, and in petroleum geology and mineral resources in particular. It will coordinate a collaborative, and interdisciplinary applied research programs through partnership with industry, government and international agencies. Moreover, close contact between colleges, departments and research centers at SQU will enhance its ability to provide multidisciplinary expertise in applied research over a broad range of research areas..