What is the ‘chain of command’ in the CPS? (ie who is my ‘line manager’)

Teachers do not have ‘line managers’ as such, but report directly to the coordinator of the program/course in which they are teaching in a particular semester.

What is a profile of an average work-week (Teaching hours)?

All CPS teachers teach 18 hours per week, unless they have been given release time for a post of responsibility or a project.  Teachers are also expected to offer 8 hours of ‘office hours’ per week, when their students can consult them.  These hours need to be posted on your office door and conveyed to your students.  You are also expected to attend meetings related to your post, such as course meetings called by your co-ordinator.

Will I be splitting teaching responsibilities with another/teachers?

You may share a group of students (known as a ‘section’) with another teacher. You may teach them for one skill, e.g. reading, and another teacher may teach them another skill, e.g. listening, or you may teach all them all the skills.

Am I responsible for providing my own stationery (dry-erase, erasers etc)?

You will get a box with almost all your stationery needs from Alia’s office (1034), and if you need anything else, contact your Course or Programme coordinator who can supply you with board pens and a few basic stationery items.

Is it possible to be split between two programs?

Yes, this does happen sometimes.

Are there mandatory meetings I am required to attend?

Yes. Your course/programme coordinator will tell you when the mandatory programme meetings are held. You are contractually obliged to attend all of these.

May I leave campus if I have some personal business outside of the time I’m teaching/office hours?

Yes, as long as you have completed your teaching and office hours and are not required at a meeting.

If I do leave campus on private errands, who, if anyone I must inform?

You don’t have to inform anyone, but it is useful to tell your office mates in case someone is looking for you.

What are the expectations as far as when I arrive to class?

You should arrive in class a few minutes before the official start of the lesson. It is most important to start and finish lessons on time.

What are the procedures regarding if I become ill one morning and cannot make it to class?

If you are too ill to teach, you need to inform your course/programme coordinator immediately. They will try to find cover for your class. If there is no cover available, you may be asked to make up the class at a later date. You should obtain a sick note from a clinic and present it to Huda’s office (1024) when you return to work.

How do students get their books?

In most courses, the ‘lead teacher’ for a section is responsible for giving out books to students. In the first lesson, the teacher can ask the students to come to his / her office in the CPS and pick up their books. Most of the teaching rooms are quite a distance from the CPS so it is not practical for teachers to carry them to the students. Check with your programme or course director about whether or not students can keep their books (and write in them) or not.

What is a typical day like?

You could be teaching any time between 8am and 4pm or 10am and 6pm. Lessons are one hour, forty minutes long. A typical day may consist of a lesson from 8 – 9.40, followed by office hours from 10-12. You may be teaching again from 12 – 1.40 or possibly later. You may also have a programme meeting during the day at a time when teachers are available.

Will I have my own office to work in?

Each teacher is provided with a computer and a desk in a shared office and a mailbox on the first floor of the CPS, near the administrative offices. Your mail will be put into your mailbox.

Can I book and pay for my own flight before I come?

No; you should wait for the Personnel Affairs Department to book your flight. It can be extremely complicated to try to reimburse teachers.

Who will receive me at the airport?

An employee from the University’s Public Relations Department will receive you and guide you through immigration. Once your entry formalities are completed, he will pass you to an SQU driver who will take you to your accommodation.

Where will I live?

The Housing Department will put you into furnished accommodation off-campus, usually within 10 km of the university. You will be taken straight to your accommodation when you arrive. If your  accommodation is not ready, you will be taken to the hotel on the SQU campus.

Can I rent accommodation of my own choice and claim my housing allowance?

If you do not want university accommodation, you should inform Ahmed Al-Jabri in Personnel Affairs by email as soon as possible before you arrive.
Your housing allowance will take a couple months to be processed. Then it will be added to your monthly salary. However, you should be aware that most teachers accept SQU accommodation because the furniture and basic appliances (refrigerator, oven) are supplied by SQU, and because there is a large discrepancy between the allowance and average market rents. Furthermore, most landlords ask for three months’ rent in advance. The housing allowances are as follows:

Grade B

250 Omani Rials per month

Grade C

200 Omani Rials per month

Grade D

125 Omani Rials per month

What sports facilities are available on campus?

You can join the university staff club for a fee, which has a swimming pool and tennis, badminton, squash and basketball courts as well as a football pitch. Staff are also entitled to use the student facilities from 4 till 8.30. There are two sports halls – one for male students and one for females.

How do I claim my baggage allowance?

If you arrive in the Fall, it is likely that your allowance will be paid automatically (you will have to fill in a form during your induction process). If you arrive late or in January, you need to take your ‘Qarar’ to the expenses section of the Finance Department. They will then pay the amount according to your contract.

How can I get a parking permit?

Apply for one in the Security Office of the Main Administration building.

How can I get a parking key to open the car park barriers?

Apply for one in Nashya’s office (1029)

What happens if I do not complete all the stages of my medical in a timely manner?

It is very important to complete your medical checks as soon as possible as any delay will result in a delay to your initial salary payment. It is important that you return to the doctor at FAMCO after all the tests to get his/her final signature.

How is leave entitlement calculated?

You are entitled to five days leave for every month of service. You can check your leave entitlement on the SQU Portal under the ‘Personal’ tab.

Do weekends count as part of leave?

Yes, if they occur in the middle of the leave.

How do I claim the allowance for school fees?

If you and your children are non-Arabic speakers, you are entitled to the school fee allowance of 1500 rials each for two children maximum from the age of six. You have to pay the school fees yourself and obtain a receipt from the school. You then take the receipts to the Finance Department.

What facilities are available for pre-school children?

There is a day care centre on campus. The staff club has a small playground for young children. There is also a baby pool at the staff club.

Where can I get lunch?

Many teachers have lunch at the Faculty Club (a short walk from the Language Centre) or the Staff Club (not within walking distance). Both offer buffet-style lunches at reasonable prices. There is a small snack bar behind the CPS selling light sandwiches and snacks. If you bring your own lunch, there is a common room for teachers’ on the second floor next to the kitchen area and stairwell. Here you will find comfortable chairs.