Appeal of Final Grade

Students have the right to appeal against grades that they obtain within 15 days from the official announcement of the results. The appeal process shall proceed strictly as follows:

  1. Student must fill in the online Appeal Form on the Language Center → Foundation Program website (for Math and IT).
  2. The appeal will reach the QAO (Quality Assurance Office) for follow up.
  3. The QAO must form a committee of three members to review the test papers.
  4. The outcome must be recorded on the form and communicated to the student by Week 1 of the next semester. 
  5. If there is a change of grade, the QAO must take necessary action to revise the grade and inform the Course Coordinator and the registration offiice in the FP.
  6. Students can discuss the grade appeal case with the Course Coordinator. The Course  Coordinator may share information about areas of weakness and give suggestions for improvement.
  7. Students must accept the findings of the committee as final.