Director's Message

Welcome to the Humanities Research Center (HRC)

The Humanities Research Center is actively seeking to study various aspects of human phenomena through rigorous, systematic, and objective investigation. By pursuing this aim, the center helps to achieve a deepand comprehensive understanding of human nature, social reality, and people’s relations both with each otherand with their environment. For these reasons, the Humanities Research Center seeks to assume a leadingrole in serving the needs of Omanis by helping them increase their understanding of their surrounding naturaland social environments and by encouraging them to contribute to the social life of their community. Thisprocess of understanding and engagement will, it is envisaged, have a positive effect on the aspirations and attitudes of individuals and will help them achieve a life of dignity lived with a sense of cultural and moralheritage.

The Humanities Research Center aims to not only encourage research in the areas of social, educational, legal, commercial and administrative sciences, but also to cooperate with researchers in different fields ofscience to carry out joint research, while also contributing to creating an atmosphere of joint researchthrough forming research teams that include members of humanities and scientific colleges and the researchcenter itself. Over the past few months, the center has extended communications to a number of ministriesand different research institutions to find ways of supporting research nationwide. The center also conductsindividual research funded by the university that relies mainly on the center's staff while also seeking inputfrom academics and researchers from various university faculties. Moreover, the center has recentlyreceived funds from the Research Council for three studies at the national level.

The center has already begun training a group of graduates from the university and students from the Department of Sociology on research methods and the stages involved in formulating and conducting successful research. These graduates and students receive hands-on experience through their participation in all aspects of the research process and receive training on various aspects as the research is conducted. In addition to this training program, there is also ongoing cooperation between the center and SQU’sacademics from the Colleges of Education, Arts and Social Sciences, Law, Economics and PoliticalSciences. The center has also established channels of cooperation with international research fundingagencies including the United Nations Population Fund in Muscat. It was agreed that the center was to conduct a number of exploratory studies funded by the United Nations Population Fund as needed with thenames of specialized researchers from the center included in a list of consultants for scientific references inthe country.

In the current period, the center is leading an active and dynamic research movement. This movement has already begun to bear fruit thanks to the sincere efforts of its employees and the grace of God. In addition, the administration at Sultan Qaboos University represented by His Excellency the Vice Chancellor of theUniversity, the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Postgraduates studies and Research, and the Officeof the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs, have also extended their fullestsupport. This support has contributed to motivating researchers at the center and encouraging them to moveforward in the implementation of its plans. That has also contributed to motivating researchers to achieve thenew vision the center seeks to activate at all levels whether it is inside or outside the university.


Dr. Nasser Al-Mawali

Director Humanities Research Centre

Tel: 2414-2844