Conference Goals

The goals of the conference are:

1. Discuss and review the roles of humanities research centres in the Arab world at the current time.

2. Suggest policies which can raise scientific research in the humanities in the region.

3. Study and discuss international and regional orientations in humanities research. 

4. Discuss challenges which face scientific research in the humanities and produce strategies to address them. 

5. Bridge the boundaries between social and humanities research centres in the Arab world to create a base for increased research collaboration. 

6. Evaluate the experiences of Arab humanities research centres and benefit from what has been accomplished.  

7. Strengthen relationships with some of the most well-known researchers in the field of the humanities in the Arab world.

8. Develop suggestions about issues related to research interests shared by Arab countries and plan for joint work to implement them. 

9. Benefit from the experience of the other research centres and from the successful strategies they have implemented. 

10. Identify the roles of Arab research centres in the formation of public policies. 

11. Benefit from the techniques used by Arab research centres in dealing with scientific research production.

12. Identify funding institutions for humanities research centres across the region. 

13. Suggest future proposals to bridge the boundaries between the various Arab research centres. 

14. Develop shared details for a strategic plan where scientific research priorities in the Arab world are identified.