Conference themes

Abstracts or full papers can be submitted on any of the following themes:


  • ·         The history of scientific research in the Arab world.

  • ·         The strategies which have had a dramatic effect on the history of research centres.

  • ·         The challenges which face these centres and how to overcome them.

  • ·         The role of humanities research centres in the Arab world.

  • ·         The role of Arab research centres in informing public policies.

  • ·         Future prospects to achieve cooperation between the various Arab research centres. 

  • ·         International and regional orientations in humanities and social research.

  • ·         Issues concerning funding and funding sources.

  • ·         Strategies, factors and mechanisms of excellence in humanities research. 

  • ·         Sharing examples of successful experiences in international humanities research centres.

  • ·         Institutions benefiting from research and ways to communicate with them.

  • ·         Arab research centres’ strategies concerning scientific research production. 

  • ·         Visions about a shared strategic plan which highlights the priorities of scientific research in the Arab world at the present time.

  • ·         Other obstacles and/or opportunities related to humanities research in the Arab world.