ICO Office



Support ٍٍSultan Qaboos University in achieving a strong worldwide reputation as an international institution .



Adopt an internationalization strategy through providing the highest, most efficient and professional network with national and 

international environment through local and international partners and collaborators around the world .



• Manage the University's overall internationalization strategy deliberations and outreaching this nationally and internationally.

• Promote the University and its programs and research opportunities with a view to involve and attract more international 

   researchers through exhibitions, visits to sponsors and other institutions.

• Support the colleges, administrative units and university's hospital in their own international targeted promotional activities

• Provide consultation and information to the university units with regards SQU international relations.

• Facilitate arrangements for international visitors in coordination with relevant SQU units.

• Support the university's staff, researchers and students exchange programs (incoming and outgoing) help with induction.

• Facilitate joint research, conference, seminars, and symposium in coordination with relevant SQU units .