LAMAD Food Technology Showcase

Industry Challenges & Academic Capabilities in Food Technology


Date: Wednesday , 20 March 2019

Venue: Exhibition Hall , Sultan Qaboos University


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What does "Lamad" mean ?

Lamad is an Omani term refers to the Sun clock that had been used to distribute the Falaj's water among the farms. It is an old technology consist of three parts:

The SUN generate the energy and light represent the Academia that generate knowledge and innovation.

The PROP refers to the government support and regulations as the knowledge diffusing facilitator.

The STONES represent the various field of technology in the industry who are acquiring this knowledge.

Lamad: The Sun Falaj Clock is managing the traditional irrigation system to grow the farms, Lamad event aim to foster the economic growth and flourishing the industry through Academic-Government- Industry partnership.

Introducing Lamad

The Academic-Industry linkage is the effective tool toward knowledge economy. It is the essential element for stimulating innovation and eventually industrial growth in developed countries.The studies have shown that the inadequate interaction between the Academia and Industry is one of the important weaknesses in any innovation system. Lamad present series of events that aims to link the Academic researchers & their innovations with the industry in dedicated field.

Each time,for a duration of less than 5 hours and in one place, SQU will bring the key players from Government, Industry and Academia in a specific technological field. The objective is to formulate a synergy between the three sectors to establish a dialogue to share and thus expand their views about the technology that will assist in creating short-term and long-term collaboration. Eventually, this will establish an academic-government-industry partnership that will lead to identify comprehensive strategic visions for all three sectors:governance, economic and research.

Lamad Food Technology Showcase 2019

Main Objectives :

1- Enhance Linkages between Academia-Government-Industry in FoodTech areas.

2- Foster research and development in the FoodTech fields.

3- Develop a synergy among different sectors on the national ecosystem to develop FoodTech industry in Oman.

Sessions & Topic:

1- Research output in Food Technology

2- The industry Challenges in the food technology sector

3- The governance issues in the food technology 

4- Global trends in Food Technology Industry

5- Future perspectives and strategies for Food Technology in Oman

Exhibition Showcase Themes:

1- Plant based food

2- Marine based food

3- Animal based food

4- Functional & Traditional food

Target Audience & participants in showcases:

 Academic & Research Sector:

  1.  Sultan Qaboos University.
  2. Nizwa University
  3. A'Sharqiyah University
  4. Applied Colleges (MOHD)
  5. Higher Colleges of Technology (MOMP)
  6. Agriculture Research Centres
  7. Fisheries Research Centres
  8. Marine Science & Fisheries Centres 

Government Sector: 

  1. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
  2. Ministry of Commerce & Industry
  3. Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  4. The Research Council
  5. Public Establishment for Industrial Estate (PEIE)
  6. Authority of SMEs (Riada) 

Industry Sector: 

  1. Oman Investment Holding Co (OFIC).
  2. Factories in Food products in all Industrial Estates.
  3. Entrepreneurs in Food Tech startups and SMEs
  4. International Food Companies in Oman.

The Deadline for showing interest is 2 February 2019

If you are Interested, please fill in the form in the link below:

Register Here


The Deadline for showing interest is 2 February 2019

If you are Interested, please fill in the form in the link below:

Register Here