It has become crystal clear that SQU is paying serious attention to investment in view of its great importance in the future to support the bases of academia and research development. Therefore, the University took steps to provide the appropriate environment, and also different facilities and incentives in order to encourage investment, and be self – reliant. Based on that trajectory, a separate Department for Investment and Revenue has been established at SQU, with the mission of enhancing and developing the internal revenues of the University, as well as developing new sources of different types of incomes.

This Department, on its part, is committed to that mission, and will strive to achieve it by utilizing, in the best way possible, all the expertise, human resources and services in the University. In addition, the Department will work towards recirculating the investment revenue of the University, using its financial assets to gain the maximum possible profits, and creating a suitable investment environment that will lead to obtaining commensurate revenue that can support academia, teaching and community services.  

In doing so, the Investment and Revenue Department will strive to create a practical investment model, and to communicate it among the different units in the University in order to increase the level of productivity, and to ensure collecting revenue in an effective manner. All of that will be based on the results of good feasibility studies that will ensure obtaining reasonable monetary revenue. We aspire to create a prosperous environment in our University.

We pray to Allah that our efforts to serve the University and our nation be met with success.


Mohamed Al-Bulushi