Library servies

The University of Law provides services to a varied number of beneficiaries in a way that serves and achieves the university goals in general. The main services provided by the library are:
1. Lending: It includes the Following: 
a. The external lending which enables the researcher and the beneficiary to take the required material outside the library. The following table explains this service:


Category Number of Items Lending Period
Students (Bachelor’s grade – Master) 5 books 3 weeks
Teaching Stuff Members 8 books 8 weeks
Officials 3 books 3 weeks
Affiliated Students 3 books 3 weeks



This is for items that can be lent
b. The renewal of lending for the lent items which their lending period has expired and the users are still in need for them unless they are demanded by others.
c. Keeping the restored books for students who are in a strong need for them. Once a student does not bring back books in appropriate delays, he will not be afforded with any other books unless he brings back those in hold first. Teachers also can hold books in the lending department once they are required by a big number of student in the same time especially when there is not enough number of copies.
d. Mutual lending among libraries of the required and unavailable resources in the library. 
e. Inspecting the unreturned items and directly or through lists informing the borrowers. It is worthy to mention that the lending service is automatically made by the library through the automatic system called Horizon System. In the near future the library will join the united system connected to the central library system in the university. Concerning the fine imposed in case of lateness in bringing back items, the students are to pay 200 baizas for every day whereas the officials should pay half a Rial.

2. References Service: this service is provided to the beneficiaries through a set of comprehensive and encyclopedic resources that help them to reach the required information and make use of them in the field of their studies such as encyclopedias, knowledge periodicals, dictionaries, statistical books, evidences, university researches, atlases and indexes. This service is provided through the following:
a. Responding to the referential questions asked directly by the beneficiaries.
b. Guiding the beneficiaries to the required references.
c. Teaching and training the beneficiaries on how to make use of the references.

3. The Omani Sets: The library contains so many Omani books concerning the fields related to the university goals and programs and they are put in a special place in the library to make it easier for the students to reach them.

4. Information Technology: to convoy the rapidity of producing and publishing the information using the new technologies, the library has purchased a number of electronic resources such CDs and it has also provided the internet service to make it doable for the students to find out the latest information concerning his scope of research.

5. Automatic Indexing Service: through the automatic system of the library (the horizon), the researcher is able to easily and quickly get, reach and know the different information resources provided by the library (the author, the title, the topic, the publisher and the categorization number)

6. Current Information Service: it means informing the beneficiary of new arrivals from books and information resources concerning a specific topic through:
a. Displaying the titles of some important books in the new shelves.
b. Typing the list of the new books and putting them in the new shelves in an outstanding place.
c. Displaying the main announcements in the announcement board of the library.