Historical overview

Historical overview The College of Law, the ninth college in Sultan Qaboos University, aims to qualifying students in legal sciences, reinforcing the ties with the stakeholders both in public and private sector institutions, and to providing sustainable community services. in the following lines you will find a historical overview about the college founding and its development since its initiation: Firstly, the College was founded as College of Sharia and law following the issuance of the Royal Decree number (37/97) on 28th of May 1997 which put the new born college, directly, under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education. On 22nd of June 2005 the Royal Decree number (55/2005) was issued, by virtue of which the name of the College of Sharia and Law was changed to be the College of Law. Since then, the college has ceased to be supervised directly by the Ministry of Higher Education and become belonging to Sultan Qaboos University. Worth to be mentioned that the implementation of the previous Royal Decree was supposed to commence immediately after the completion of the college premises in the SQU campus, however, the. Royal Decree (38/2006) was issued to postpone the college moving and to legalise its remaining in its original site in Al Wataya campus. Finally, on the beginning of the First semester of the academic year 2012/2013, after the completion of all the necessary preparations, the college could manage to make its way into the SQU campus and to occupy the building G in a unique beautiful location right in the campus interface.