QAAAU: An Overview

Within the   framework of Sultan Qaboos University to confirm the quality of education, and to meet the national and international accreditation standards, the  Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Unit (QAAAU) of the College of Law was first established on 26/6/2016  by an internal decision of the College’s  Dean . Then a decision , No. 595/2017 has been issued by the Vice Chancellor on 27th of December 2017,   to establish the unit besides other similar units in the colleges and university centers.

The QAAAU at the college of law has been established to primarily support Quality assurance strategy at SQU which is built within the University‘s missions, policies, practices and strategic plans and to enhance the quality standards of the college.  The QAAAU is striving to achieve Excellency in its academic program and to ensure that education provided by the college is of higher quality and meet the acceptable levels of quality requirements as outlined by the national and international accreditation bodies.

In 24 October 2017, the college of law was signed a contract with the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA), in order to supervise the accreditation procedures at the college. According to the accreditation procedure with FIBAA, the college was submitted its self-Study Report (SSR) to FIBAA in December 2018. The FIBAA’s audit visit to the college is scheduled for 8-9, April 2019. Consequently, the Quality Assurance office at the college has been working in conjunction with the college staff to prepare for the upcoming audit visit

Unit Tasks

  1. Prepare and draft an academic accreditation roadmap for units in the university.
  2. Communicate with other relevant units within the college and the university on issues related to quality assurance and accreditation.
  3. Supervise quality assurance and academic accreditation in the college.
  4. Follow up the implementation of quality assurance and academic accreditation processes in the college.
  5. Prepare regular reports to the Dean about quality assurance and academic accreditation processes to be presented to the College Board. The same reports will be transferred to the concerned DVCs. and QAO.
  6. Prepare and implement necessary training programs for staff on quality assurance and academic accreditation, in coordination with relevant units at SQU.
  7. Carry out the logistical activities related to quality assurance and academic accreditation processes in coordination with relevant university units.
  8. Collect and file data in the appropriate format required by institutional accreditation.
  9. Act on any other relevant issues required by the college Dean