Review existing curriculum
Continue to support curriculum and materials revision and development
Raise entry level of students
Motivate students
Integrate the use of technology into the curriculum

Testing and Assessment

Facilitate test production and administration
Finalize the Examination Policy Document
Establish procedures for result announcement
Create test banks
Produce a new Placement test and parallel versions of the Exit test
Expand the range of services of the Testing Unit
Continue the process of achieving international standards and recognition

Instructional resources

Enhance the provision of instructional supplies to teachers
Upgrade the SRC Library to a full-fledged Self-Access Centre
Improve the Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC)
Utilize SQU facilities more effectively to enhance independent learning through extracurricular activities

Human resources

Decrease turnover
Ensure adequate staffing to meet LC requirements
Increase efficiency in recruitment
Create opportunities for professional development
Initiate appraisal for LC staff

Management structure

Enhance the status of the LC as a pivotal foundation for academic study at SQU
Rationalise management structure
Achieve stability in senior management
Ensure anyone in a managerial post has both the expertise and experience to do the job
Ensure channels of communication are open, clear and effective


Enhance awareness of and access to available resources at SQU
Create an atmosphere conducive to research and enhance the standing of the LC at SQU
Facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience amongst LC teachers and other researchers from inside and outside the university
Obtain national recognition for the "ELT Focus", the refereed journal of the LC

Community services

Foster community services
Expand LC community service to the international community