Professional Development & Research Unit

The Professional Development and Research Unit is established to organize events and activities for teachers in the areas of professional development and research that improves instruction, curriculum, assessment and evaluation at the Language Centre (LC) within SQU framework of strategic planning in order to assure and continuously enhance quality of teaching and learning.  


The Unit objectives are:  

  • Provide opportunities for effective professional development.  
  • Enhance awareness of and access to available professional development and research resources at SQU.  
  • Create an atmosphere conducive to research.  
  • Enhance the standing of the Language Centre at SQU. 
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience amongst Language Centre teachers and other researchers from inside and outside the university. Devise a research program for the Language Centre. 
  •  Contribute to consistent implementation of SQU and LC staff induction and mentoring policies.

Head of the Unit 

Dr. Victoria Tuzlukova

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Kristina Bayburtsyan

Marine Arakelyan

Neil Mcbeath
Katrina Osborn
Sara Al-Sadi

Alina Chirciu
Dan Cornish
Marco Mamba

Research Committee

Chair: Dr. Hashil Al-Saadi

 Manouri Samarasinghe
 Dr Mohammed Khan
 Melissa Bodola 
 Alma Tancio  
 Ahlam Al-Rawahi 
 Said Al-Furqani

 Asila Al-Maawali



Induction & Mentoring Committee

Chair: Heather Drake 

Alina Chirciu

Anwar Alfetlawi

Celeste Bickley

Erin Waugh

Rebecca Woll

Richard Hock

Rory Davies

Stephanie Siam

Samantha Burns

Tihomir Davchev


Professional Development Committee aims to be a unifying force for professional improvement and change at the Language Centre providing interactive, informative & entertaining events for all staff.

The Committee is intended to:   
  • explore the changing needs of the Language Centre faculty;
  • explore what the Language Centre faculty can provide in terms of professional development for each other;
  • explore what professional development opportunities the different Colleges and Centers can provide for the Language Centre;
  • liaise with these SQU constituencies in order to elicit their participation in providing professional development opportunities for the Language Centre;
  • investigate and note down professional development opportunities that take place in the public and private colleges and universities, outside the precinct of the university in Oman;
  • create a list of all ESL/EFL conferences, symposia and training workshops that are available in the region and in the world indicating their times and places;
  • create short-term and long-term plans for professional development events throughout the academic year. Prepare and facilitate professional development events at the Language Centre throughout the academic year;
  • support effective work and further development of TRC.




Aims of the Research Committee are: 

  • to provide consultations and guidance for LC faculty working on research.
  • to enhance LC teachers research skills by providing workshops on research and research methodology and design.
  • to raise awareness about the available resources for research (e.g. electronic databases, newsletters, books and funding).
  • to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience amongst potential researches from within and outside the university through research symposiums, workshops and networking events.
  • to disseminate the outcomes of LC based research by supporting the faculty to present in conferences and publish in journals.  




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The role of the Induction and Mentoring Committee is to contribute to consistent implementation of SQU staff induction and mentoring policies. 

The committee aims to: 

  • explore what the LC faculty can provide in terms of induction and mentoring programms for demonstrators and new teachers; 
  • arrange induction and mentoring for new teachers and demonstrators (consultations, observations, etc); 
  • organize and deliver the orientation for new faculty; observe faculty members for professional development when requested by LC faculty. 
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