Student Support Unit (SSU)

Vision: The Student Support Unit is dedicated to helping each LC student become an effective and autonomous learner.

Mission:  The SSU aims to support students’ language and academic development with professional learning assistance and individualized service. As a result, students will use resources effectively, develop successful language-learning strategies, and assume greater responsibility for their academic performance. 

Goals: The SSU intends to achieve its mission by its commitment to:

  • Proactive use of resources.
  • Encourage learner autonomy.
  • Study skills and success strategies.
  • Integration of resources and support services.
  • Individualized service for diverse learners.
  • A diverse, trained and professional staff.
  • Faculty participation and confidence.
  • Provision of relevant and engaging self-access materials.
  • Provide spaces designed to put users first.
  • Provide spaces and opportunities for active learning.


Objectives:  The SSU will be an active and dynamic feature of the Language Centre’s efforts to meet the needs of its students.  Together, The Library, The Writing Centre, The Tutorial Centre and the Extracurricular Activity Strand will:

·   Provide and actively promote self-access language learning resources and materials.

·   Provide technological opportunities to practice language skills.

·   Provide individualized writing assistance to student writers of all abilities.

·   Provide individualized tutoring in all skills to students with lower English language proficiencies.

·   Provide extracurricular opportunities for students to practice English while having fun and making friends.

·   Promote extensive reading as a valuable tool for individual language development.

·   Provide simple and convenient ways for students to access SSU services and activities.

·   Provide workshops for students on study skills and strategies for successful language learning.

·   Provide opportunities of support specifically for students at risk of failing and for students.

·    Provide and promote opportunities for faculty involvement and awareness of the SSU services and activities.

·   Develop and update the SSU spaces to create welcome and comfortable environments for active learning.

·   Provide opportunities for students to practice positive learner attitudes and behaviors.


Alexandra Craig

 Tutorial Centre Coordinator   


Teresa  Goff-Lindsay

   Library and Independent  

Learning Coordinator


Marlee Terry 

 Writing Centre Coordinator   


   Saheer Al Ghamdi    

Tutorial  Centre

  Office Manager


  Khadija Al Balushi  

 Writing Centre

  Office Manager



Huda Al Dhuhaini
Library Clerk

Salom Al Darooji

Library Clerk



Senior Students are invited to apply to the Language Centre Student Support Unit for the post of Peer Tutor


The Language Centre Student Support Unit requires senior students with a high level of English language proficiency and strong writing skills to work as Peer Tutors in the Tutorial Centre.   Peer Tutors will receive an hourly wage (paid monthly) as well as a certificate per semester worked.


Responsibilities of a Peer Tutor:


1.      Complete a paid training program and attend other training as required.

2.      Provide assistance to students that require help with any English language skill.

3.      Be supportive and understanding of students’ needs.

4.      Be willing to tutor both genders. Most of our clients are male.

5.      Be willing to work with and communicate with both genders regarding professional matters (email, What’s app            etc.)

6.      Be willing to be involved in promotion and work for the whole centre.

7.      Be willing to give presentations to classes about the Tutorial Centre.


Working hours of a peer tutor:


1.      Peer tutors must be committed to a duration of at least two semesters.  An option to renew obligations will be            provided after one semester based  on performance and an evaluation.

2.      Peer tutors are expected to work between 2-4 hours per week.  Peer tutors may not exceed 20 working hours per month.


Hiring Requirements:


1.      A minimum  cumulative GPA of 2.8

2.      A minimum two semesters remaining at SQU if not an education student.  A minimum of three semesters for              education students due to teaching practice in their final semester.

3.      Fluent in Arabic.

4.      A referee from SQU faculty (letter not required, only contact details)

5.     Submission of a cover letter of at least 500 words that includes the following:

a.      introduction of yourself  (college, interests outside your field); what you can offer (your skills);            reasons you want to be a peer tutor

b.     your  current transcript

c.      contact details for a referee from SQU faculty

d.     personal contact details including ID number, email address (non SQU) and phone number


Submit letter by email attachment to

Hiring process:


If application is of a high enough standard, successful candidates will interview with SSU Coordinators. Starting date: 15th February 2015 for an afternoon of training. 

The Tutorial Centre is a place where students can go to get free help to improve their English: reading, speaking, presentation. skills, vocabulary, grammar, study skills and writing. 



Extra-Curricular Activities Centre

Mission and vision:

To promote students’ and teachers’ involvement in clubs outside of class, aiming at creative ways to interest and captivate students’ talents in various activities that ultimately have specific aims and a timeline of achievement. Teachers and Peer Tutors will be leading and supporting students to build their confidence and to express themselves in more ways than just instructing them, and eventually allowing them to lead the clubs independent of teachers’ assistance towards the end of the year/semester. Extracurricular projects require self-motivated students with an initiative to grow, that this unit seeks to find and encourage.

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