Be a leading regional Medical Research Center recognized internationally.


Carry out advanced medical research, coordinate medical research facilities and expertise at SQU, and create a scholarly environment conducive to innovation and excellence in the research, and promote research collaboration.

  • Perform world-class basic translational and clinical research in a centralized facility that is relevant to and appropriate for the cultural traditions of Oman.
  • Organize, coordinate and carry out research of particular interest to the Sultanate and the region.
  • Support the professional development of the medical professionals and scientists in research, and promote research culture.
  • Integrate and collaborate with national, regional and international institutions/ organizations to enhance the activities of the Center and medical research in SQU
  • Provide evidence-based advisory services in the area of medical research and development to government and other local institutions.
  • Disseminate information depicting the activities of the center in various fields of research.
  • Support research capacity building for Omani academicians and medical professionals.
  • Raise awareness about health research issues among the different sectors of the public.