Cell Culture Core Facility

The mission of the Tissue Culture Core Facility is to provide the investigators with the highest quality research service and expertise in cell models to suit the needs of the local scientific community.

The CCCF is located in the Departments of Genetics (Rm# 2022) & Microbiology (Rm #1030). Opening hours are from Saturday through Wednesday from 8:00am – 4:00pm. Arrangements can be made for holidays and after working hours to meet investigator’s needs, by contacting Dr. Hamad Al-Riyami.

Cell culture

There are two components to the CCCF:

  • The main cell culture facility in the Department of Genetics.
  • A back-up facility within the department of Microbiology.


The CCCF was established to:

-     Introduce cell models as an essential tool in basic research to the local scientific community (cultivation of various types of cells e.g. mammalian cells) and promote knowledge in cell-based research.

-      Train, assist and advise investigators in how to introduce cell models to address certain aspect of their research.

-     Support diagnosis of various genetic disorders (e.g. pre-natal tests for genetic disorders).

-     Develop a national tissue and cell bank; such bank would be used as main source to provide stem cells, cell lines and tissues for research.

-     Establish training programs and workshops in cell culture


Routine duties within the CCCF are:

-     Basic expansion and maintenance of cultures of cell lines, stem cells and primary cells

-     Protein, DNA and RNA extraction from cultured cells

-     Transfection

-     Cryopreservation and storage of cultures

-     Cell preservation

-     Mycoplasma detection

-     Toxicity testing

Any first time user of CCCF must become familiar with the following procedures: 

  • Basic sterile technique
  • Biosafety classifications and requirements
  • Emergency procedures
  • Proper use of a biosafety cabinet
  • Proper disposal of biohazardous wastes
  • Good Practice (microbiological techniques)
  • Preparation and storage of media
  • Sterility testing
  • Propagation of cell lines
  • Assessment of cell growth, including cell proliferation assays
  • Freezing of and retrieving frozen cell cultures
  • Everything brought to and stored in the CCCF (in hoods, on/in shelves/drawers, in refrigerators & freezer) must be labeled.
  • Labeled items should not be moved by anyone else without permission under any circumstances.
  • If items need to be moved or attended to in any other way, contact the relevant lab/person as indicated on the label.
  • Refrigerators can only be used to store those items to be used explicitly for cell culture.
  • Individual labs have access to the –80o freezer for the storage of unstable materials.
  • If a machine happens to break, a cylinder needs to be replaced…etc; the appropriate steps must be taken immediately to facilitate the repair or replacement of the said item.

Rules for use of Hoods

  • Turn on blower and inspect the hood. The hood should have been cleaned by the previous user to avoid contamination problems.
  • Wipe down the surfaces in the hood with an ethanol soaked tissue. Don’t spray ethanol directly into the hood!
  • Check to make sure the sharps container is not filled past the fill line. If it is, tape, label and replace.
  • When you finish your work, remove any items that you may have brought into the hood (media, pipetter, disposable pipettes, etc).
  • Wipe with ethanol again, turn on the UV light, close hood and turn off the blower.


Rules for use of incubators

  • Everything in the incubators must be labeled with your name, date, and the type of the cell line.
  • Verify the CO2 level in the cylinder attached to your incubator is adequate else report to lab on duty.
  • Do not change the CO2 setting without consulting other using the incubator.
  • If any problems are identified in using the incubators, report to the staff in the CCCF.
  • Each individual using the culture room will have the responsibility for maintaining the room/equipment on daily and weekly basis


Sign-Up Procedure for Hood Use

  • To facilitate a better coordination between the users of the hoods in the Cell culture Room, online sign-up sheets will be provided and Log sheet will be exhibited on each Hood within the culture room at daily basis.
  • This information will help us to share the room more effectively. Each user should not neglect to sign up every time he/she wishes to use the hood.
  • If you are not going to use the hood during your reserved time for any reason, do not forget to cancel.
Manager Contact number/ E-mail Department Laboratories
Dr. Hamed Abdullah Al-Riyami

- hriyami@squ.edu.om
- Ext: 3412


# 2022

Dr. Mohammed Said Al-Buloshi 

- alafifa@squ.edu.om
- Ext : 1179


# 1030
Ms. Buthaina Saif Al-Dhahli 

- baldhahli@squ.edu.om
- Ext : 1195

Pathology - AHS

# 1056

Dr. Abdulrahim Khalifa Al-Abri 

- abdulrahim@squ.edu.om
- Ext : 3533


# 0095
Dr. Isehaq Saif Al-Huseini

- isehaq@squ.edu.om
- Ext : 1138/3536


# 0095


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