Electron Microscopy Core Facility (Pathology)

The Electron Microscopy Core Facility (EMCF) is a full service and support laboratory that is well equipped to promote research, teaching and training in various disciplines that require cell analysis at ultrastructural level.

The facility is located in the Department of Pathology (Rooms: 0061, 0062, 0063, and 0064). The facility has the following laboratories and equipments:


  1. Processing Labs:
    • Medical and Biological Processing Labs
    • Cryogenic Lab
    • Materials Preparation Lab


  1. Ultramicrotomy Labs:
    • Conventional Ultramicrotomy Labs
    • Staining Lab
  2. Screening Labs:
    • TEM Labs
    • STEM Lab
    • FETEM Lab
    • LVSEM Lab



  • Electron Microscopes:
  • JEOL JEM-2100F: 200kV FEG equipped with STEM, ASID, HAADF, EDS, EELS, Holography, Tomography, side mounted CCD Camera (Gatan).

Location: Room 0019

  • JEOL JEM-1200EX: 120kV equipped with STEM, side mounted 4K CCD Camera (AMT).

Location: Room 0019

  • JEOL JEM-1230: 120kV equipped with side mount 1K CCD Camera (Gatan)

Location: Room 0063

  • ZEISS EM 900: 80kV equipped with side mounted 4K CCD Camera (AMT).

Location: Room 0066

  • JEOL JSM-5600LV: 30kV equipped with Oxford Inca EDS system.

Location: Room 0018


  • Ultramicrotomes (Room 0023)
    • Leica Ultracut UCT
    • Riechert-Jung Ultracut-E
    • Riechert-Jung Ultracut-E


  • Tissue Processors (Room 0022)
    • Leica EM Tissue Processor (EM TP)
    • Leica EM Tissue Processor (EM TP)


  • Cryogenic Equipment (Room 0018)
    • Freeze-Substitution System (LEICA EMAFS)
    • Cryopreparation / Cryofixation Station (LEICA EMCPC)
    • JEOL Freeze Drying Device (JFD-310)
  • Accessory Equipment
    • Leica Knife Maker (Room 0023)
    • Leica EM Stain (Room 0067)
    • Pelco Critical Point Drying System (Pelco CPD2) (Room 0018)
    • Bio-Rad SEM Coating System (Room 0018)
    • Olympus Digital Optical Microscopes (Room 0023)
    • Leica Stereo Dissection Microscope (Room 0022)


  • Material Equipment (Room 0019)
    • Gatan Ion Milling PIPS
    • Gatan TCP
    • Gatan, Disc Grinder
    • Gatan Disc Punch
    • Gatan Dimple Grinder
    • Gatan cooling/healing specimen Holder
    • Automatic Twin-Jet Electropolisher
    • Tenupol Electrolytic thinning

Teaching: The facility provides teaching for various disciplines within the college of Medicine and other colleges

Research: The facility provides assistance with research projects for the College of Medicine & Health Sciences, other colleges within SQU as well as for governmental and private research centers within the country.

Diagnostic: EMCF provides diagnostic services for SQUH, Ministry of Health Hospital and Private sector Hospitals/Clinics. Diagnostic Screening carried by the Department Pathologist with the assistance of Senior EM Staff.

Training: The facility provides training for SQU Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, Technologists from other institutions and training programs for TEM and SEM available.

Consultancy: Consultancy services for SQU investigators and scientists from other institution within the country.

Electron Microscopy Core Facility (EMCF) at College of Medicine & health Sciences is a multi-user facility and it is imperative that all users work responsibly in the lab.

Access: The Electron Microscopy Core Facility is open Saturday through Wednesday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Arrangements can be made for holidays and after working hours to meet investigator’s needs, by contacting Mr. Issa Al-Amri. Most of the major equipment is available for use after hours.


The following rules and regulations must be followed by trainees and staff:

  • All new users must go through instrument training from EMCF staff. EMCF users are not authorized to train fellow group members.
  • Any instrument use must be entered in the appropriate log books.
  • If in doubt about using any equipment or chemical please ask the EMCF staff. Any mistake on your part could put you and others at great risk. Proper chemical handling is expected from all users.
  • Do not insert any hazardous materials/specimens inside EMCF microscopes.
  • Closed toed foot wear is mandatory for all lab users.
  • All hazardous chemicals must be used in the hood and hazardous chemical wastes should be disposed off in their respective waste containers stored under the hood in the waste area.
  • In case of a spill it is very important that you immediately inform one of the EMCF staff to help you clean up the spill in an efficient and safe way.
  • Sharpies, rubber bulbs, glass rods and other miscellaneous material present in the hood stay in the hood. They are not to be moved out of the hood under any circumstances. These materials may be contaminated with fixatives.
  • Users are requested to clean up after using any instrumentation in the facility.
  • If you are the last user of the day, please turn off the microscope high voltage and beam and close the center door behind you.




Contact number/ E-mail



Mr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al- Nabhani 

- anabhani@squ.edu.om
- Ext: 1180


# 0061, 0062, 0063 & 0064

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