Flow Cytometry Core Facility (Immunology & Heamatology)

-     To provide cell analytical cytometry & sorting, and laser scanning cytometry.

-     To provide consultation services for appropriate experimental design.

-     To educate users and potential users about routine as well as latest methods to use these techniques.

-     To facilitate interactions among researchers using these techniques.

-     To stimulate development of new approaches for basic and clinical research.

The FCCF is located in the Departments of Microbiology/Immunology (Rm# 1053). FCCF houses one FACSCaliber flow cytometry with 4 colors (two more flow cytometry).

Opening hours are from Saturday through Wednesday from 8:00am – 4:00pm. Arrangements can be made for holidays and after working hours to meet investigator’s needs, by contacting Dr. Ahmed Al-Shukaily.

Flow cytometry applications

-     Cell analysis

-     Cell proliferation analysis (BrdU, CFSE, Ki67, Histone3 detection)

-     Cell cycle analysis

-     Fixed cells (PI, 7AAD, DAPI)

-     Live cells (Hoechst33342, DraQ5, Vybrant DyeCycle dyes)

-     Ploidy

-     Multicolour Analysis

-     Immunophenotyping and cell cycle

-     Immunophenotyping and calcium flux

-     Internal antigen and cell cycle

-     Multiparametric detection of apoptosis

-     Apoptosis analysis

-     Calcium flux

-     Cytokines detection (CBA)

-     GFP/YFP Separation

-     Red fluorescent proteins detection (mRFP, mCherry, etc)


Training Courses

Researchers have the option, once trained, of performing their own analysis or utilizing the expertise of the facility's staff to run their samples for them. Specialized training classes will be offered for those researchers who wish to better understand the principles and techniques employed in this technology and prefer to directly acquire and/or analyze their own samples.

Manager Contact number/ E-mail Department Laboratories

Mr. Juma Zayid Al-Busaidi 

- jumab@squ.edu.om
- Ext : 3549


# 1053

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