Molecular Biology Core Facility (Biochemistry & Genetics)

The mission of the Molecular Biology Core Facility is to provide services and support to help the investigators solve basic and clinical research problems related to macromolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins) of interest. The MBCF provides services ranging from DNA, RNA and protein isolation, analysis for gene aberrations to characterization of gene function by a variety of molecular and pharmacological approaches. The overall goal of the facility is to become a valuable and responsive in-house resource for helping investigators achieve their research objectives involving macromolecular analysis and acquire training as well as expert advice and support.


Because the CoM&HSc is multidisciplinary in nature, the level of support needed by different investigators varies widely. Consequently, the level of access offered by the MBCF varies from advice on specific aspects of projects, through training on particular instruments available in the Core to complete molecular analyses from sample preparation to the final data analysis and interpretation.


Currently, the MBCF is virtually divided into 2 separate facilities based on the Common central equipment available within CoMHS. These two facilities are in a developing stage.

  • Equipment: Two sequencers are currently available within CoMHS. One in the Biochemistry Department (Biochemistry# 0097) and the other in the Hematology Department (Hematology lab, SQUH).


  • Staff:

Dr. Shoaib Al Zadjali            Manager

Mohammed Al-Kindi:           Chief Biomedical Scientist

Hameeda Al-Barwani:          Senior Biomedical Scientist

Khalsa                                    Biomedical Scientist

Lina Al-Mashhadani             Biomedical Scientist



Affymetrix Microarray instrumentation for SNP, gene expression profiling and Comparative Genomic Hybridization.


Facility Use Policies

·        Department Biomedical Scientists (BS) are the department employees, and are fully involved in the department education programs and other department responsibilities, therefore they are available as research assistances. Researchers are advised to hire their own research assistant.

·        The investigators will be advised for the needed consumables by a BBS without charges. However, we charge for consumables and further data analysis if needed.

·        Facility staff are not responsible for any techniques before the sequencing stage or after the raw data submission.

·        Department BS have no responsibility on any inconvenient data outcome due to pre- sequencing technical errors.

·        Service can be provided according to the department of biochemistry schedule and department BS availability.

·        Project consumables cost paid towards the core facility Budget.

·        Each researcher will be assigned an ID number in the Log Book, reflecting all the lab services provided.

Core Facility Manager Contact number/ E-mail Department Laboratories

Molecular Biology (MB)

  • Sequencing
  • Microarray

Ms. Hamida Sarhan Al-Barwani 

- Ext : 3541


# 0097

Dr. Hamed Abdullah Al-Riyami

- Ext: 3412


lab, SQUH
# 2141

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