Academic Departments




The Department of Genetics participates in both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.


(1)     Undergraduate Program


The Department is involved in the mission of teaching and training in the College of Medicine & Health Sciences. It coordinates and significantly contributes to multiple courses, including Molecular Biology and Principles of Genetics, Molecular Diagnostics, and Insurtmaention, and Cancer Biology.  Undergraduate preclinical courses involve teaching in both lectures and tutorials on molecular genetics, cytogenetics, as well as participating in annual teaching rotations and the training of doctors and students. This is achieved through laboratory-based workshops as follows: 1) A biannual workshop for training in standard laboratory techniques in molecular genetics, and 2) Rotation of students and doctors in our diagnostic facilities (Cytogenetics, Immunogenetics, and Molecular genetics) and laboratories. This is also supported by training and observation courses on genetic techniques organized in January and June of each academic year.



 (2)   Undergraduate Clinical Program


The Department has been involved in the following clinical teaching activities: 1) Clinical (bedside and outpatient) teaching for residents, senior house officers, and registrars; 2) Junior Clerkship Clinical Genetics and Counseling rotation, an intense course format structured rotation that takes place every six weeks;  3) Two seminars in approach to metabolic diseases for Final MD students; 4) A two hours clinical lecture for nursing students from the Ministry of Health and 5) A Genetics lecture for 7th-year medical Obstetrics & Gynecology rotation students, repeated every six weeks with 25–28 students in each batch.



(3)   Postgraduate Program


The Department has its own Ph.D. program in Genetics (more information: . The Department also takes part in the senior house officer in-house training, and the Oman Medical Specialties Board (OMSB). The Department has actively been involved in the training and rotating of residents in the field of medical genetics and biochemical genetics (inborn errors of metabolism). Clinicians from the Department of Genetics are OMSB trainers and part of the General Pediatrics Residency Training Program.