About Hematology

HOD Message


Welcome to the Hematology Department!

As the head of the department, I am honored to lead a team of experienced and
compassionate healthcare professionals committed to providing the highest quality of
care to our patients. Our department offers a broad range of diagnostic, treatment, and
management services for various blood disorders and cancers, including leukemia,
lymphoma, anemias, and related conditions.
We employ state-of-the-art technologies, and evidence-based treatment plans to ensure
our patients receive personalized care that meets their needs. Our bone marrow
transplant program is a unique offering that provides hope for patients with severe blood
disorders or cancers. We offer comprehensive treatment plans to provide the best
possible outcomes, including pre-transplant evaluations, transplant procedures, and
At the Hematology Department, we also place a great emphasis on teaching and
training healthcare professionals and researchers in the field. Our faculty members are
dedicated to providing innovative, evidence-based education and training to
undergraduate and postgraduate students and residents and aiding in teaching and
training biomedical scientists.


Murtadha K. Al-Khabori, MD,
Associate Professor (SQU), Senior Consultant (SQUH),
HOD, Hematology Department, COM&HS