Medical Education and Informatics

About Medical Education And Informatics


The mission of the Medical Education and Informatics Department will be to raise the standards of medical education in the College of Medicine & Health Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, by developing expertise and educational programmes tailored to the needs of the Country.


The medical education Department will oversee the process of medical education in the College and will provide educational services to support, evaluate and thus enhance the educational role of the medical school. Its activities will include research, teaching and providing educational support in the areas of curriculum development, assessment, and, methods of teaching and learning. The context will be undergraduate and postgraduate health professions education.

In particular, we aim to:

provide full preparations, including logistics support, for health professional development courses and workshops, and maintain and improve the quality of the teaching in the College;

provide a realistic simulated clinical environment in which clinical skills can be taught and assessed at all levels of clinical education;

provide students with skills, knowledge and attitudes to correctly and effectively utilize medical informatics in the delivery of healthcare;

provide emotional and educational support to students to empower them to reach their goals, thereby enabling them to become self-aware students and healthcare professionals; 

support the quality of education and research by providing latest IT awareness, high quality services, tools and support for better and competent graduates.