About Physiology

HOD Message

The Department of Physiology has taken long strides in teaching, research and clinical services since its inception in 1988. The Department of Physiology has two divisions: Basic Physiology located at the College of Medicine and Clinical Physiology located  at the University Hospital (SQUH). The Department teaches basic and clinical physiology, and also familiarises medical students with various clinical physiological procedures. Physiology teaching is coordinated with other basic science departments in an integrated and multidisciplinary fashion. The curriculum is further fortified by live models as well as simulated basic and clinical case demonstrations at different levels of medical training. Clinical students are taught hands-on the diagnostic skills of the most common clinical measurements that they are like to encounter after graduation. The department participates in postgraduate teachings and offers Masters and PhD programmes. The Department of Clinical Physiology is a unique unit that provides clinical diagnostic services under one roof for SQUH and for the whole of Oman.

The Department plays a major role in cardiovascular, metabolic, sleep and neurophysiology disorders’ research from bench to couch. It has strong collaboration with other departments interested in the same field and internationally with universities and institutes conducting similar research. Technical and medical staff  receive regular training and are audited to meet international standards. Several funded projects in these areas had been completed and presented in international conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals. Several other projects are currently running in the department.  


The department’s mission is blessed by the highly qualified academic and technical staff.  We are geared up on all fronts to participate in promoting the cause of medical education and research as per requirements of contemporary international standards.

Thank You


Mohammed Al Abri

HOD, Physiology




  1. Impart instruction in basic and applied Physiology
  2. Empower students with skills in clinical physiological procedures used in medical practice
  3. Co-ordinate physiology teaching with other basic science and clinical departments in an integrated multidisciplinary fashion.
  4. Update teaching methods and physiology curriculum to keep students in touch with ongoing rapid developments in clinical practice
  5. Continue to strengthen departmental research by strengthening existing high point research areas and encouraging new projects
  • Provide high quality clinical physiological measurements to the University Hospital and to the whole of Oman by using updated modern equipment and techniques.