The Student Nursing Group of Sultan Qaboos University’s college of nursing was established  in 2002 as a subgroup of the medical students group in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences. Back at that time , the nursing program was offered by  the College of Medicine at Sultan Qaboos University.  

In 2008 the nursing program got its own independent college as the ninth college in Sultan Qaboos University which resulted in the foundation of the independent Nursing group at Sultan Qaboos University’s College of Nursing. At the moment , the members of the nursing  group includes students from the College of Nursing.  

Our Objectives :  

  • Raising awareness about the nursing profession and the nurses role in the development of the healthcare system worldwide . 
  • Improving the nursing student’s knowledge and skills in providing best nursing care. 
  •  Serving the society by cooperating with healthcare facilities in the country to educate the society about common health issues, primary prevention, and health promotion.
  • Cooperating with other groups in Sultan Qaboos University in their activities. 
  • Representing the College of Nursing in the national and international level.