Faculty Development Program
  • Faculty Development Programs 2015-2016
  • Workshop on MOODLE Update
  • Global Collaboration in Shaping in Practice, Education and Research
  • Palliative and Hospice Care in Jordan: Dr. Amal Albunduk
  • Ethics in Research and Publication: Dr. Lamki, MD, FRCPC, FACR, FACNM
  • Turnitin: Dr. Kenneth Andrew
  • QSEN: Christie Emerson RN, MSN, FNP
  • Simulation Workshop: Jennifer L. Bartlett PhD, RN-BC, CNE, CHSE
  • Academic Advising Workshop
  • Research Programs: Social Watch

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moodle workshop

global collaboration

palliative and hospice care in jordan3

ethics in research and publication



bartlett-simulation workshop

academic advising

Research programs, social watch research grants and outputs